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The AAP recognizes Rock 'n Plays, Rock 'n Glides, and Soothe 'n Plays as unsafe sleep surfaces due to infant deaths due to babies sleeping on these surfaces. For safe sleep, the AAP recommends:

- Always placing baby on his/her back on a firm sleep surface (ie crib or bassinet)

- No soft bedding, this includes: toys, pillows, blankets, and crib bumpers

- Keeping baby’s crib or bassinet in the parents’ room for at least the first 6 months, and preferably the first 12 months. -Avoid baby’s exposure to smoke, alcohol, and elicit drugs


  • twalters3109

We are aware of the tremendous impact COVID-19 is having on the United States and the concern it is likely provoking from you, our patients/our patient's parents. We are receiving frequent updates from our local health department, as well nationwide updates from the CDC when they are made available. We want you to know that we are taking this pandemic very seriously and are implementing new protocols in our office to ensure safety and quick response to patients coming in to our office as well as those who are calling with concerns about COVID-19. We trust that God is in control of this situation and will be continue to be praying for protection over our patients. We will also be doing all we can to mitigate concerns you have regarding COVID-19. Below are three websites that we believe you will find valuable amid this time of concern:

  • twalters3109

A study conducted in 2019 found that first time dads are at risk of experiencing symptoms of postnatal depression. The likelihood of these symptoms was directly impacted by lack of sleep. About 13% of the men surveyed reported depressive symptoms at 2 and 6 months after the baby was born. This study should raise our awareness that, not only moms are at risk of postpartum depression, but fathers can also experience depressive symptoms after their baby has been born. If your or your spouse feel you may be suffering from postnatal depressive symptoms, please don't hesitate to contact our office or discuss this at visits.

Reference: Cimino, S. (2019, August). First-Time Fathers at Risk of Postnatal Depressive Symptoms. Pediatric News, 144(2), 13.

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