NOTICE Mercy Christian Health COVID Update 8/1/22:


Important: If you are concerned your child is exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, please call the office at 734-572-8686 to schedule a same day telemedicine appointment with one of our providers.  This is especially important if you or your child have chronic health concerns, asthma or are overweight.

 We are aware of the tremendous impact of COVID-19 and the concern it is likely provoking in you, our patients/our patient's parents. We are receiving frequent updates from our local and national health authorities and many studies. We are continuing protocols in our office to ensure safety for all, and a quick response to those with concerns about COVID-19.  We are continuing to keep our office a COVID-free facility, in order to provide a safe environment for newborns, young children, teens, and their families.  We are providing same-day telemedicine visits to those patients who have COVID symptoms or exposures.  Whether in the office or via telemedicine, it is our goal to provide safe, prompt and thorough care for all of our patients.  


 We advise our patients and their families to continue to follow local and national health guidelines to continue to protect themselves and others.  

If your child is 12 years or older and has chronic health concerns, your child may qualify for the COVID treatment Paxlovid.  Paxlovid only works if given in the first five days of illness.  If you think your child may qualify for Paxlovid, please call us right away. 

The COVID vaccine is now available for children 6 months old and up. To find a list of local sites to obtain COVID vaccine, go to, or call the Washtenaw County Health Department at 734-544-6700.   ​

You may obtain 4 free home COVID tests per household by going to  Those with Blue Cross insurance may pick up free home COVID tests from Rite Aid.  Patients with Medicaid may get a free COVID test from a pharmacy with a prescription, which we are glad to provide.

If you prefer the more accurate PCR test, you may schedule a saliva PCR test at the site of the old Walmart at Ellsworth and Hewitt in Ypsilanti by going to

If you have any questions about COVID, treatment, vaccines or testing, please feel free to call us at 734-572-8686.

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We'll continue to update this list as resources become available. Check back regularly for the most up to date information.