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Meet Our Providers.

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Karla Xavier, MD

Dr. Karla Ferretti C Xavier was a previous pediatrician, pediatric neonatologist, pediatric cardiologist and an expert in pediatric intensive care working in Brazil with many years of experience and moved to US due to her husband working at GM. She completed her Pediatric residency at the University of Toledo in 2019. As a Pediatrician, Dr. Xavier considers it a privilege and obligation to preserve and support the most precious gift we all have, the gift of life. She believes in treating patients using an integrated approach including caring for the physical, mental, cognitive, social and spiritual welfare of the child. Each of us has a particular purpose in this world. She believes it is the role of those who work in the medical field to strive to preserve life so those in their care are able to reach their full potential and complete their mission on earth. 

Jennifer Urabe, CFNP

Jennifer (Jen) Urabe graduated from the University of Michigan with her undergraduate and Master's degrees and is a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner. She developed her passion for pediatric primary care while working as a school nurse in a large elementary school, and feels blessed to serve alongside the dedicated practitioners at Mercy Christian Health.  Jen is particularly interested in disease prevention and health promotion through healthful nutrition, stress reduction, and exercise habits.

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