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Happy 4th of July!

With the 4th of July just a few days away, we want to say happy Independence Day from the staff at Mercy Christian Health to all of our patients and their families! We hope you have a great day celebrating and we would like to offer you a few helpful safety tips related to fireworks:

· Leave the fireworks to the professionals!

· Supervise your child closely when around fireworks of any kind

· Don’t touch a “dud” that has failed to ignite or “leftover” fireworks as they may still be active

· Avoid consumer fireworks and if you do decide to use them, don’t light them while holding them

· Sparklers reach up to 1,200 degrees, because of this, it is best for children not to touch them. Never point them towards yourself or others.

Many children are hospitalized this time of year due to injuries related to fireworks. Please practice safety and keeps these tips in mind as you celebrate the holiday!


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