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Heavy metals in food

A recent study by Healthy Babies Bright Futures found that almost all commercial baby foods contain heavy metals. This was found in all brands and organic versions of baby foods. Heavy metals naturally occur in soil so choosing to do homemade baby food likely will not resolve this problem. Root crops like carrots and sweet potatoes as well as leafy greens retain more of these heavy metals than other fruits and vegetables. The report suggests this small list of measures that will significantly reduce heavy metal exposure to your child:

1. Avoid rice puff snacks, teething biscuits and rusks. Instead try rice-free puffs and snacks and frozen fruit or vegetables for teething

2. Avoid rice cereal. Instead offer multi-grain cereal or oatmeal

3. Avoid fruit juice. Instead offer water

4. Avoid carrots and sweet potatoes. Instead give more of a variety of fruits and vegetables that can include carrots, sweet potatoes but other options as well


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