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It's almost that time of year...back-to-school time!

Now is a good time to begin to prepare children and teens for a healthy and successful school year. Here are some helpful hints to kick off, and maintain, a great school year:

Choose a school year bedtime that will allow your child plenty of sleep. Begin now to work towards going to bed at that time every night. 

Work with your children to plan a list of healthy packed breakfast and lunch options, including plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts and seeds. Maybe even work with your children to put some healthy breakfast and lunch items in the freezer.  

Begin now to break any media overuse habits that may have crept in over the summer. Help your children to find profitable uses of their time. Enjoy some end-of-summer outdoor activities and family time!

Lastly, consider how your family is going to keep moving during the school year and into the colder weather. Here's a video your whole family may enjoy doing together on busy or icy days:

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