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Making smart Choices when it comes to your food

A recent study found that individuals with diets high in ultra-processed foods had significant weight gain and excess caloric intake when compared to individuals with diets high in unprocessed foods. It our recommendation at Mercy Christian Health that you and your children consume foods as close to how God made them as possible. For example, an apple is better than fruit snacks, and brown rice with black beans is better than instant rice with refried beans.

Here is a list of ultra-processed foods that we recommend avoiding as much as possible:

Soft drinks Chips Chocolate Packaged snack cakes Frozen pizza

Sweetened breakfast cereals Packaged soups Chicken nuggets Hotdogs

Candy Fries Microwave meals

Here is a list of unprocessed foods we recommend increasing as much as possible:

Chicken Turkey Pork Salmon Trout Fresh vegetables Potatoes

Fresh fruit Sweet potatoes Nuts and seeds extra virgin olive oil sea salt

Avocado oil Coconut oil Garlic Turmeric Rosemary Free-range eggs

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