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Our Services.

Mercy Christian Health is rooted in evidence based practice and currently offers primary healthcare services for babies, children, adolescents and young adults through 21 years of age. We offer preventive care via well child exams, care for chronic diseases, and same-day or next-day visits for illnesses and minor injuries.

We are now providing same day telemedicine visits. Call today to schedule!

**Please call today to discuss Saturday visits for annual preventative visits.**

Preventive Care includes:

   -  Newborn exams

   -  Infant/toddler exams

   -  Annual well exams

   -  School/daycare physicals

   -  Sports physicals


Chronic conditions include: 

   -  Asthma

   -  ADHD & other behavioral care

   -  Obesity/weight management

   -  Depression/anxiety

   -  Eating disorders


Acute conditions include:

   -  Illness

   -  Injury 

   -  ER/urgent care follow-up


Vaccinations: Our providers believe in the safety and efficacy of vaccinations but we do not require our patients to follow the CDC guidelines for timing of vaccinations. If your child is behind with immunizations and you desire to “catch them up”, call our office today to schedule an appointment. 


Do you speak Spanish? We have staff and translation services that allow us to provide great care to Spanish-speaking patients. 


Is English your second language? We have translation services that allow us to translate to many other languages. Please call our office at 734-572-8686 and let us know if you require these services. 

24/7 Call Service
Please note, if you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 911 immediately. If your child needs medical attention after hours, we provide medical advice to our patients outside of normal office hours for urgent issues. To access this service, call our office number at 734-572-8686 and follow the prompts. 
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